We develop an innovative Dashboard designed for both healthcare professionals & patients, integrating validated clinically shared health data; we build trust between all stakeholders, while trace every transaction for outmost transparency. Let the professionals concentrate on what they are best at!


MYPL sets new standards to improve everyday care & allow easier medical professionals' workflow and decision making.


MYPL is developing the first solution that uses Blockchain technologies to provide medical professionals with a powerful dashbord that aggregates all clinical data. This technology allows only validated data to be shown, tracing and securing it so that only trusted people can access it. Without any loopholes.

We help women and men empower their health, being able to access a smart overview of their health data, supervized by their own practitioners, looking in detail to a specific pathology or even get predictive information based on innate or acquired health data.

Following the « right to be forgotten » (EU-GDPR) they will have the ability to control access to some personal sensitive information only to who they want, when they so desire.

We provide real time shared cloud access to healthcare professionals and improve interoperability. Data such as diagnostics, reports, pictures, omics… will be anonymized and digitized in order to be valorized.


MYPL is capable of enhancing clinical benefits for each specific profile of user, e.g., providing smartly integrated information to oncologist, gynecologist or endocrinologist to get faster and more accurately view of the clinical patient status. MYPL will develop each health discipline dashboards (oncology, gynecology, obstetric, diabetes, cardiology…) working closely with multidisciplinary experts, groups & KOLs, bringing solutions to unmet needs.


MYPL develops a unique solution that brings together clinical patient data from many different IT sources, for the medical professionals. It has been shown that MYPL allows doctors to actually improve their diagnostic, take decision quicker, thus providing a more accurate treatment.

Co-founders at MYPL have an outstanding record in dealing with medical device issues, as well as IT projects (inhouse, ambulatory, telemedecin…), or imaging. The Company is very kean on protecting the quality, authentification and security of all patient data. This is even more so true with new European Global Data Protection Regulation legislation coming into place. Our solution is GDPR compliant « by design ».